Stand up paddle boarding

This relatively new sport is growing rapidly in the world of ocean sports. Riders paddle out and catch waves all whilest remaining on their feet. All of this is done via the assistance of a uniquely designed paddle that is used to propel the rider onto waves. Like many other sports SUP can involve many different disciplines such as enduro racing, wave riding and a more explorative approach that often involves flat water.

SUP lessons

Flat water SUP is the chosen discipline for introductory lessons, as this provides a calmer more scenic introduction to the sport of stand up paddling. The feeling of gliding across the silky smooth water, coupled with a few muscles being engaged when being taught how to use the board and paddle correctly, make our introductory lessons and our Ladies group called “The SUP Bunnies” a very unique experience.

  • Instructors are ISSA certified
  • SUP board and paddle supplied during lesson
  • SUP lessons and sessions conducted at safe beaches (subject to sea conditions).